Wells Fargo Online Banking Login | Sign in

This small guide will show you how to log in, reset username and password and enroll in Wells Fargo Online Banking.

Wells Fargo & Company is an American multinational financial services company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with central offices throughout the United States. It is the world’s fourth-largest bank by market capitalization and the fourth largest bank in the US by total assets. Wells Fargo is ranked #26 on the 2018 Fortune 500 rankings of the largest US corporations by total revenue.

In July 2015, Wells Fargo became the world’s largest bank by market capitalization, edging past ICBC, before slipping behind JPMorgan Chase in September 2016, in the wake of a scandal involving the creation of over 2 million fake bank accounts by Wells Fargo employees. Wells Fargo fell behind Bank of America to third by bank deposits in 2017 and behind Citigroup to fourth by total assets in 2018.

How to login Wells Fargo Online Banking?

  • Open the website by clicking www.wellsfargo.com. Look in the upper left corner of the screen, where you will find “View your accounts”;
  • Fill in blank gaps with your username and password. If you have done everything right – you will be immediately logged in your personal account;
  • For security reasons, your session has timed out because it has been idle for more than 10 minutes.

Forgot username/password

  • Click on this link and choose the correct variant of help that you need;
  • Enter your Username and Social Security Number (SSN) in the appropriate fields, then click on the button “Continue”.


  • My password has been suspended. For your security, we may suspend your access to Wells Fargo Online®. To regain access, you’ll need to create a new password. For additional protection, we also recommend that you change your username after signing on. If you do not have the required information to create a new password through Wells Fargo Online, you will need to contact Online Customer Service at 1-800-956-4442;
  • I want to change my username and/or password. Sign on, and access Change Username or Change Password from the menu. Create a unique (not used anywhere else) username and password for Wells Fargo Online. We recommend you memorize your username and password rather than writing it down;
  • I have a temporary password. If you received a temporary password, simply sign on with your username and temporary password. You will then be prompted to create a new password;
  • I forgot my temporary password or my temporary password has expired. Go to Create New Password and provide the information to create a new password. If you’ve not yet completed enrollment, after creating your new password, you’ll be prompted to complete your enrollment. If you do not have the required information to create your new password through Wells Fargo Online, you will need to contact Online Customer Service at 1-800-956-4442;
  • What are the best practices for creating a username? Create a unique username not used anywhere else. Don’t use any part of your email address or personal information such as your name, street name, phone number, or Social Security number. Memorize your username, and do not write it down;
  • What are the best practices for creating a password? Use: a unique password not used anywhere else, upper and lower case letters along with numbers and special characters (@, %, &, #). Don’t use: your username or email address, personal information (your name, phone number, etc.). Don’t: write down your password, share your password with anyone, save your password in a browser.

Create Wells Fargo Online Banking account. How enroll?

  • Click on the “Enroll now” link.
  • Write relevant data in the registration form and click the “Continue” button.

If you have done everything accurately, you will have access to your online banking account.

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